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My name is probably unimportant. If you know me, you know it. If you don't know me personally, then "thecatoman" should be sufficient, because it's my artform that you're visiting here at CelebrityCollages.Com...

This amazing creative adventure began some years ago when I decided that one photo was just not enough to convey the "whole" story. Sure a picture is worth a thousand words; but sometimes that's just not quite sufficient to do the job. The PhotoCollage was born.

Inspiration for the idea originally came from creating collages for three women? Surely you knew all the great creative inspirations come from women. Every heard of a guy muse?

In amphibolic order, there are two Sandy's and a Janey. The first place listing goes to Sandy Delonga, a dear and supportive friend of many years...go view the photocollages I created for her and about her and maybe come away with a tiny idea of how utterly delightful she is and will always be. How does beauty and a good spirit come in the same package? That's rare, right? I just know you'll discover why she is found at the inspirational base of my creative skills.

Did you have to look up "amphibolic"? Had you done so, you would have known that these muses are presented in no particular order...that's because no matter who I list first, someone will assume that muse is the most important. Balderdash! Each contributed to me the same way earth and water and air keep me on the ground, quenched and breathing. I said all that to make sure you realize that either Sandy could have been listed first and Janey is not third because she's best or because she's least. She just happens to be listed third.

But who's on second? Let's look at the next Sandy, well Sandra actually. Familiar? You bet. Sandra Bullock is my celeb crush. She has been my famous-dreamdate since her appearance in Love Potion No. 9 (you mean you don't remember that movie?). I honed my photocollagic (is that a word?) skills on her several photocollages before heading into any of the others. I smiled a lot while I worked. Still do. Isn't she stellar? Seems like her fan base thinks so too. She is still my most linked to VIP, full sized photocollage (except for Anna Nicole Smith and that's another story altogether...especially after her untimely demise).

Incidentally, have you sign up to be a VIP and have access to all my full resolution collages yet? No? Why not...It's free!)

And what about Janey? Although retired now from the mature entertaiment industry, she inspired me to create through the early years. I no longer allow any of her photocollages to be posted (if you see one on any other site, tell them to take it down, they don't have permission). Janey rounds out the threesome that form the foundation of why I am a photocollagist.

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The Sandy Delonga PhotoCollages (Rated GP)

The Sandra Bullock Celebrity Collages (Rated "Oh wow!")

Want to see Janey and why her beauty will haunt me forever?

And one other person, my friend MICHAEL BELL, the Celebrity Artist...deserves a mention and a link here. We belong to a mutual admiration society of approximately two (smile). He's amazingly talented. His work speaks for itself, so take a look. Follow the banner link below to enjoy his website.

ALSO, I've created a personal collage for him that you can view HERE.

Celebrity Artist Michael Bell of MBELLART.com

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