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OVERVIEW: What's It All About?

Blended imagery of multiple photos creating a work of sublime art and impact...A picture is worth a thousand words... A PhotoCollage from Celebrity Collages speaks volumes!

From your existing digital images or from your best photo originals (always returned unharmed), this unique artwork concept will give your personal gifts or self-promotions visual impact like never before! Great for commercial or personal purposes and at a reasonable cost. Email me for more details.

This intense visual experience in WALLPAPER artwork is the PhotoCollage, custom-made from your digital or traditional photos. You're the real Celebrity! Perfect as a gift that can be enjoyed every day by a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, grandparents or friends. Express more than mere words ever could. Take a look!

These intense images are designed to be wallpaper for your computer's monitor, but can also be printed and framed. Don't limit your imagination...

The Art of the PhotoCollage. A photo-filled graphic presentation that can be used for more than you think. Take a look at all you can do with The PhotoCollage

But wait, there's more...click all the NAVIGATION ICONS...you'll be surprised at what you find! Fun little nooks and crannies that will interest your entire family from children to adults. --

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